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Thursday, April 26th, 2018



Thursday, April 26th, 2018
Alien Day

This might be the start of a new edition of Dear Inner Demons: a MOVIE edition. I’m not totally sure yet. If I’m so inclined I will riff on more movies I love as I go forward. We shall see!

That's right, ALIEN DAY

Did you know that April 26th is Alien Day? The REASON is because of the infamous planet LV-426. If you’ve seen the Alien movies (particularly 1979’s Alien and then 1986’s Aliens) you’ll remember that LV-426 is basically the source of a whole lotta problems. So yeah. Today is that day. You know, 4th month, 26th day, and all that. I mean, it’s sorta clever I guess but it feels like everyday is becoming a “day” now.

This was a really fun comic to draw. I put the movie (“Aliens”) on again while I was drawing it and sure, it’s got some minor issues here and there, but honestly it holds up pretty darned well. In my opinion what really holds it together is what’s going on beyond all the creature effects and marine warfare. If you haven’t seen the movie for some bizarre reason, go watch it and skip this next bit.

Also this comic is available in captionless poster format:


Mother’s Day is coming soon and I wanted to talk about some really deep layers within Aliens that connect to motherhood.

Ripley wakes up at the beginning of the movie to be told almost right away that she has been in cryosleep for like 80 years, and her daughter Amanda has lived her full life and died of old age. Imagine waking up to that news. She was a mother, a working mother, in fact, and she went off to what she thought was just another job, on the Nostromo and gets roped into following a distress beacon: Ridley Scott’s “Alien” (1979). She knows what happened on that planet and is the last survivor of everything that went down in that first movie. The last thing she wants to do is go back, but of course that is what she does and we have James Cameron’s “Aliens” (1986).

Meanwhile on LV-426 we have “Newt” who was one of the colonist kids on the planet. Well, everything of course goes to hell on that planet as the Aliens overrun it and kill and cocoon all the colonists. All except Newt who manages to stay alive. So she has lost her mother, not to mention her brother and father too.

So when Ripley and Newt eventually find each other and begin to bond, of course they become surrogates for the missing part of each other’s lives. Essentially we have an adoptive mother/daughter situation.

Now we finally get to the point. The moment I am portraying in this comic is basically the moment right after Ripley gears up and goes down into the depths of hell to rescue Newt. This is one of my most favourite scenes in this movie (or any movie). This is the epitome AND the evolution of the strong woman hero figure. James Cameron definitely gave us this not just with Ripley, but of course with Sarah Connor in Terminator and T2. The planet is basically about to go nuclear in a matter of minutes, Bishop (the android) has the engine running on the escape shuttle, Hicks (the only surviving marine) is in critical condition from his injuries, and Ripley will be DAMNED if they are leaving that planet without her chance to try and get Newt.


I am an only child. CAN YA TELL?? Ha. Ahem. Anyways after my Mum had me, she had to have her ovaries removed, and her plan to have more kids was dashed. So she had to make due with me, haha. I kid. Mum was an amazing mother to me and was absolutely the basis of my understanding what a strong, independent, female could be. A woman who could hold her own, voice her opinions, be incredibly supportive and understanding, and teach me to talk about things and express my emotions. Mum has always been a role-model in my eyes, as a human being. My point is that, whether it’s a hysterectomy or ovariectomy or the biology in ANY capacity, this does not define the mother. It’s the person. Hence the layered meaning in the comic. I hope you take some meaning from that perspective as well.

The most important ladies in my life: Mum and Grama. You can see me trying to get mum to face the camera to have her picture taken haha.


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