About Dear Inner Demons, the Comic

Dear Inner Demons is a weekly webcomic published on Thursdays. It is a comic about brutal truths and obviously, inner demons. Things that we feel and think but rarely say aloud. It is about insecurities and fears and worry and regret, but is meant to help us laugh at all of these things.

Dear Inner Demons does not feature a main character or recurring characters, necessarily. It does not adhere to any specific time or place. Sometimes, in the case of "Editions", Dear Inner Demons features pre-established characters from different sources, like Retro Video Games, for example, or Superheros, etc.

I am always interested in hearing the insecurities or hardships that others face, and if you would like to see something specific dealt with through the Dear Inner Demons lens, please feel free to write a letter.

About the Author / Illustrator

It's weird to write about yourself in the third person, so …. I won’t. My name is Christopher Hemsworth and I am the creator of Dear Inner Demons. I am a graphic designer and illustrator currently living in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. You can see more of my work at Christopher Hemsworth Creative.

About Prints and Cards

You can purchase prints of all the comics via my Sociey6 store, and also greeting card versions of some. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter because that will give you exclusive access to many different promos and discounts that are frequently offered for my Society6 store.

Additionally, if you are local to the Halifax/Dartmouth area, you can purchase locally printed greeting card versions of some of the Valentines comics at the Strange Adventures Shop in both the Dartmouth location and Halifax location, and you can purchase the postcard versions of some of the Retro Video Game comics at The Dart Gallery.