"Heart Thief"

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016



Wednesday, February 17th, 2016
Happy Valentimes 2016.

Valentines Day is the worst. Amirite? SO I try to do my little part by bringing you my own twisted little perspective on it. Yay! Sigh.

So, three main things to tell ya’ll about:

I posted these four little valentines cards leading up to Valentines Day this year on the social medias:

As well as this Facebook cover image for the Dear Inner Demons Facebook Page:

This project is still going strong with me cranking out a G.I. Joe figure drawing every ding dong day! Which you can see a PORTION (just Joe team here) of the overview of the 48 figures I have drawn so far here:

I decided because it’s so massive in its scope and undertaking that I would create all separate media outlets for it, including it’s Own Facebook Page, and am currently working on what I think will be an amazing interaction website which you can preview here if you want.

Yep. I am indeed working on it and it’s gonna be awesome I believe, especially in regards to being conducive to clicking through to other comics, based on the thumbnail previews I will have beneath the main comic image. Here’s a preview for you, with the two-tier thumbnails versus one:

So! Stay tuned for all that I guess!