"Body Issues"

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015



Tuesday, October 20th, 2015
Halloween 2: The Continuing.

Continuing the Halloween Edition of Dear Inner Demons today with the comic about about “body issues.”

Skeletons were always a big part of Halloween imagery for me as a kid. You’d see classic decorations like these, a lot at school and on houses:

Here is what seems to be an “old timey” version of the classic posable paper skeleton.

Also here is a creepy picture of two nuns with a skeleton behind them that I like:

Here is one of my favourite olden time animations too, featuring - you guessed it - skeletons! . . .

Speaking of Halloween, if you weren’t aware already, I do in fact have a Society 6 store and have a variety of Halloween things available there including these MUGS:

As well as these PHONE CASES:

iPhone 3 all the way to most current iPhone 6 and everything inbetween and also Samsung Galaxy S4 to S6.

So, I bring this up not just because of the Halloween connection but also because right now there is a FREE SHIPPING deal going on:

There are some other variations on those two sets of designs like greeting cards and posters etc but mostly what I like about Society6 is that I can offer some of my designs on those crazy items that I would never mass produce and/or bring to a trade show or convention, like shower curtains for example.