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Sunday, October 18th, 2015



Sunday, October 18th, 2015
It's the most, wonderful time, of, the yeeeeeear.

Anyone that knows me knows that Halloween is my absolute favourite time of the year. And not for the usual reasons. I’m not super into dressing up. I find handing out treats to be awkward. I don’t like parties or partying. What I love is the connection to my childhood based around the IMAGERY. And each year I try to tap into that with my art if at all possible. I really really enjoy drawing creepy spooky stuff and usually I put on Halloween specials and movies in the background while I’m drawing Halloween things and the overall FEELING it creates is wonderful.

I remember putting up decorations every year in the window, like this:

SO….I am excited to FINALLY kick off the Halloween Edition of Dear Inner Demons. I thought this Zombie comic would be appropriate to kick things off with because the new season of The Walking Dead just premiered last week! This has been a long time coming. SO long in fact that before Dear Inner Demons was Dear Inner Demons, my first sketches that involved characters expressing their inner demon were actually the Halloween characters I am going to publish in this Halloween Edition! Which leads me to . . .

I have a friend asking me how Dear Inner Demons “came to be” and how my style developed. Which wasn’t as easy to answer and pinpoint as I thought at first. But then with a little poking around I started to actually trace it back and started to feel like the the story was kinda interesting. So for an upcoming post maybe I will indulge myself and do a breakdown on that which could prove interesting for some of you.

Here is the sketch of one of 8 or 9 monsters from October 2013 that shows the first seeds of Dear Inner Demons before it a thing at all, and the basis of today’s comic:

I will be selling my wares at the Halifax Pop Explosion Zine Fair coming up! I hope to have some fun new stuff and Halloween stuff available there. You can keep up with exactly what those items might be by following the event I created via the Dear Inner Demons Facebook Page.

Speaking of Facebook, if you don’t follow Dear Inner Demons on Facebook you may not be aware that I have been doing a pretty comprehensive “inkTober” involving “The Demon.” SO comprehensive in fact that I am already behind on it, haha. You can see all the pieces so far, HERE: Dear Inner Demons InkTober Demon Album

Here are a four random examples for you:

I am really excited about where this is headed and will likely compile it into a book in the end.

Stay tuned for more!