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Friday, May 8th, 2015



Friday, May 8th, 2015
Oh, Super

Yet ANOTHER addition to the ol’ Superhero Edition of Dear Inner Demons! Woo! And plenty more comin down the ol’ pipeline.

So, Superman was actually one of the first Halloween costumes I ever wore. I must have been about 5 or 6 years old. I was hoping to find a photo of me in the costume (hence the delay on posting this comic, sigh) but alas I could not. If i come across it I will come back and add it into this post.

Superman was one of my favourites as a young child, but as time went by, I began to have mixed feelings about him. in fact not too long ago I put a post up on the Dear Inner Demons Facebook Page asking what folks’ opinion about Superman was. A lot of people felt that he was boring, which is kind of where I was drifting towards as well, but others felt like he was a beacon of hope and goodness, etc. What do YOU think? Head over to the Facebook Page and tell me what you think as a comment on the post about today's comic.

I think one influence on me at the time was of course the Christopher Reeve Superman movies. As a young lad I remember LOVING them. I mean even looking back he was SO great as the character, really.

The effects are what was lacking. However, I also think Henry Cavill is doing a pretty great job as well with the portrayal in the new ones!

Another strong memory I have is when I was in highschool and the big big news in the comic world was THE DEATH of Superman. I remember going to the comic store and buying a few copies of the comic in the black bag:

And I remember the big reveal, full spread too:

I remember it being SUCH a big deal at the time but then they ended up bringing him back which always seems to happen, and drives me insane. Everytime they supposedly kill a character (this happens in tv shows too) and get your emotions all RAMPED up and then a few months later bring the character back. BAH! Keep ‘em dead!

Shoot. Just realized I shoulda posted the Wonder Woman comic today. Ah well. Happy Mother’s Day! :D