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Monday, May 26th, 2014



Monday, May 26th, 2014
The Retro Video Game Edition Continues...

I was contacted last week by WIRED magazine and The Huffington Post about writing an article on me and my comic and featuring some of my Retro Video Game comics, and Star Wars comic. I was totally taken aback and that led me to do a little poking around, and I began to uncover something I was totally unaware of….

Apparently somehow my previous four comics from the Retro Video Game Edition went viral, thanks to the likes of some Tumblr folks like InsanelyGaming (which is where I think everything started, actually, getting 16,000+ shares), Wil Wheaton, and Cracked.com, and then that cascaded through to BoingBoing, Reddit (where things got weird, kinda mean at points, and I wasn't even credited?), Laughing Squid, Geeks Are Sexy, The Mary Sue (where I was referred to as a “Fiendish Mind", ha!), Short List, Neatorama, and plenty more.

Needless to say, I was totally floored, overwhelmed, and thankful for all the attention!

So, in keeping with the plan for working with WIRED and HuffPo, and carrying the momentum through, the plan is to crank out 5 more Retro Video Game comics this week, and premiere an additional one via The Huffington Post next week. Then the following week (most likely) will feature the debut of another comic or more in the Star Wars Edition via WiRED magazine. So stay tuned for more on those events as they happen. So be sure to follow on Instagram, Twitter, and like the Facebook Page.

So as I kick back into the Retro Video Game Edition, today’s comic features Bomberman, as I remember the game so fondly from playing it on the TurboGrafx-16 back in my younger years:

I never quite understood what was up with the portrayal on the cover art, though:

Not many of my friends knew about this system or owned it, but honestly, I loved it. Incidentally, my Mum was unnaturally good at this game. I dare say she was better than me! Bomberman was available in various incarnations through other systems (you can actually download it for the Wii nowadays), but this is the version we had:

An incredibly addictive game, and one I logged a lot of hours into. Before I then became obsessed with Bonk’s Adventure. (And yes, my Mum was better at that game too.)